We have seen people being involved and working passionately, they are able to do so because they are following their art. Else one will end up trying to achieve someone else’s dream with borrowed ideas.

Few intelligent people around us select something where their expertise, interest and scope coincide. We forget to ask ourselves that can I do this every day 12 hours, every day means without holiday, no weekend, no vacation.

Something which we can do every day and enjoy is Lovable. That’s a situation where your skill has become ART. Yes follow your ART not the blend of skill, scope, aptitude alone. Only then you’ll contribute to that work and that work will also contribute to your satisfaction. Obviously Salary and designations are positive side effects of a job.

Once you zero down in understanding where does my love/art lies start assessing how much scope it has and what aptitude it requires in me.


At HR Plus, we have a platform facilitating organizations to select a right candidates and candidates to select a right compan

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